Place for stay when you backpacking in indonesia

“sleep where ever you can as long is safe”

backpacking in someplace thats you doesn’t know, thats you doesn’t know what going on in thats place, you doesn’t know about people live there. Here we recomendations place you come to indonesia and all off this is free

#1 Polsek

Indonesian people call it polsek it mean police office, maybe you think this insane but you can sleep a night in polsek when you middle of trip, backpacking or something else, they will treat you like you are a geust in personal home. And obviously safe with no cost.

#2 Koramil

Second place you can stay is koramil or Base of indonesian soldier same as polsek you can stay a night here to. safe and free of course.

#3 Masjid

People will think this place only for praying but more if you are on road or backpacking you can rest in masjid for a while or maybe you can sleep but you should ask it first. Some masjid maybe not give you permision because to there are people pray in there.

#4 Graves

Fourth place is maybe a bit scary but it safe and still free. You can open a tent or hammok in graves but you should not demage a graves, you can find a free space near a grave. But iam not suggest you to sleep a night here even its free.

#5 Open tent Or place A hammock

Indonesia land there are many free space that you can use for opening tent or just hang a hammock, but if there are people live there you should ask first before you opening.

That was place we recomendations to all backpakers thats come to indonesia, we hope you enjoy indonesia.

Thast for today and see yaaa.

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