Hiking : Mount Papandayan, West Java Indonesia

Mount Papandayan is one of the most beauty place to hiking in West java, according to wikipedia Mount Papandayan located in Garut Regency, to the southeast of city of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia. Its about 15 km to the sounthwest of the town of Garut. The highest point of the mountain is 2,666 m ( 8,747 ft) below sea level.

When you come from Bandung its maybe take 2 or 3 hours in the road or taking more time because of traffic, for the first time i come to here using a motorbike with my friend, you dont need to worry to come here you can use google maps for direction or you can ask a people in your way, if you affraid you can ask a police in the road or you can come to their post.
This mount i think is the best for newbe climber, you can hiking from bottom to the top for 2 or 3 hours or maybe faster its defend to your speed, for me i think abouts 3 hours we dont count pricisely we often stop for rest and take some food.

First place you will find when you come here its Gate. This gate you will need to pay amount of money defent to your status. You can see in picture below.

As you can see, we will pay amount of money about Rp.65.000 if you are local and using motorbike for one person, if you are not local or not using motorbike you can count it by yourself. That the cost you need to pay when you want to come here.

If you past this gate, the next place you will find its a parking lot. They will divided by your type of vehicle, You will charge for parking defend your activities in mount papandayan or you can see pictue below.

After you parking your vehicle next step you should do is registration for hiking, climbing, or camping in this mountain, the staff will call you and need some interview.

Now your adventures was began, for the first time you will find a sulfur place a smells really bad in this place, i suggest you to bring a mask or something. After that you will hiking about 1 hours to place call Pondok salada, at this place you can camp or do somethink else like eat, drink, or etc.

This place where i was camp for a night and you know what, this place really really cool at night, iam using 2 jacket and 2 socks still not can fight agains cool weather. I dont know why maybe i wear a wrong dress. In this place you can take a shower if you can fight agains cool water but in my experience i dont have see people take shower here they just wash their hand, face and brush their teeth. If you came here maybe you can take shower to break records.

In this place you will find beautifull place, you can find a eidelweiss flower here and take some picture or enjoy this moment but you cant take the flower or touch it. We should keep that flower beauty and keep them save.

The next morning you can see sunrise to, you not need to walk far away from your tent just a few minute you can enjoy the the moment and drink a cup a coffe.

The next day after take camp a night we going to place call Hutan Mati or Dead Forest, in this place you will find i black trees with no singgle leap in there. This place become like this because eruption of this mountains, i dont know what time exactly the incident was began but one thing that i know is this place is so beatifull.

After you past this place you can hiking to the top of the mountain or you can comeback to early place to the gate and go back home. Because of time i cant make to the top of mountain i chose to go back early and not going to top. I was so disappoint because of that and i tell to my self i will come bact to here and go to top of mountain.

Thats for today see ya tomorrow. 

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