Day 7 : Choir In Airplane

Again i find a interesting video on youtube, this vidio is also about traveling, Backpacking and Food.

Plane passengers (Baylor University Men's Choir) go nuts over Ryan Cayabyab's Da Coconut Nut.
A men’s choir from a university in the United States gave an impromptu performance of a song composed by Filipino musician Ryan Cayabyab on their flight home from Kenya. 

Singing and dancing on the rows, the 75-member Baylor University School of Music Men's Choir performed Cayabyab's song "Da Coconut Nut" on an Emirates flight to the delight of flight crew and other passengers.
The song was popularized by Cayabyab's group Smokey Mountain and was a hit in the '90s. Its choral arrangement has also become popular, performed by choirs from around the world.

Here a video 

Now i challenge you, can you sing in plane like thats ??? commeent below if you dare to try it

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