Day 4 : Beach Or Mountain?

For this day i want to talk about destinatination, If i give you a free travel from your home until back to your home again where do you choice going to beach or Mountain?

If you give that question to me, i would definetly choice Mountain. Why? Because i like it thats all you need to answer that question. i think you not satisfied with my answer right?

Ok lest take a look, first “challenge” if you want to mountains you would definetly will be very very challenge. Why ? in many people says the best feelling when hiking a mountain is when you finish to top of the mountain. But you not easy to make it you need carry about 20 kg or more backpack in your back from bottom to the top, you need hiking or walking about 2 hours or more thats make you feel exhausted, make you feel dehidration until you come to the top, but when can make it all the exhausted, pain will gone and feelling great will come to you. Its totally different from beach when you come to beach you dont feel pain you dont need feel exhausted just drive a car sit comfortable eat food drink some cocacola just like that you can make it to beach. Thats why i choice a mountain because that challenge.

The second is view, i think this point every people will definetly different. When i see a tree i will feelling peacefull feelling comfortable feelling protecting feelling happy i dont know why thats all in my mind different from beach when see a sea, sand, boat i feel like they came to tell me lets play lets make a castle like they not give you a break they not give you to take a nap like that. i hope you undestand what i tell you about.

So thats what my answer if you ask me thats how about i ask you, “ where do you choice vocation in Beach or Mountain??” Write in a comment bellow.

For the last but not end dont forget Subscirbe and follow me.

Thats For today, See Ya Tommorow.

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