Day 3 : Camera

For this day i want to talk about camera, which camera do you bring when you travel, how many camera do you need, and how big your camera, and what type camera you should buy. So lets start it.

#1 Phone Camera

The first camere you should bring is Phone with Camera. why ? because its was the simple one, you can use it anywhere, everytime, the thing you need only its battery no need film and you also post in instagram, facebok or anywhere as long the apps in your phone.

#2 Digital Camera Or Dslr

The second one is Digital Camera, this camera same function as phone Camere and much better quality of picture than phone camera. There are hundred type of digital camera in this word, and the price also from the cheap one to the expensive, you can buy it based on your need if you are a solo traveler or just for memory of travel you can use like Pocket digital camera, but if you are photografy or you sell it the best choise you should buy is Dslr Camare, Digital camera or Dslr its the same both can take picture and no need film but the best is dslr camera.

#3 Action Camera

If you doing outdoor activity like rafting, swimming, or climbing, you will hard to use phone camera or digital camera by yourself, the best choice is using Actions Camera. Easy to use can place in your head, in water and many more. There are many type of action camera they have plus or minus every product you can choice based what you need.

#4 Drone

The last one is drone, if you like take picture from a sky make timelaps or see all island drone is the best choice you will need. The price of this camera maybe expensive i thing up from $ 500 or more but can take best picture that the other camera cant doing.
Thats all the camera i suggest you should bring, for my self as a writer the best choise i should pick is dslr camera and action camere to give you all the best picture that i have an take.
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Thats for Today, See Yaa Tomorrow.

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