Day 2 : Tool that you should bring when you go camping

Do activity in outdoor like camping, hiking, or just backpacking need more stuff than usually but you dont need take them all, for this day i will tell you what important thing that you should bring but not make you havier.

#1 Tent

The first thing you should bring is tent, tent is one of the most important tool you need when you go outside, easy to set and lighter. And its not will cost you for set it.  if want to take a night in outdoor tent was the first thing you should bring but if not maybe you dont need it. There are a many type of tent 2 capacity, 3 , or more. You should bring and choise the best for you, dont bring a big tent if you just 2 people so did instead.

#2 Portable Stove

The second is a stove, stove was realy usefull tool thats you need when going outdoor, you can make a food or a cup of coffe just by push 1 botton, easy to use and still its lighter.

#3 Hammock

This tool one of the best tool i thing i want to say, when you need to sleep or just for take a rest this tool really helpull you can just hangin in a tree or mast as long is strong you can set this hommock an take a sleep. Easy to use and really light.

#4 Knife

This last tool you should bring is a Knife. Knife is reaosonible to bring why because you will need it for cutting a vegetable, open a bottle, or just for cutting a wood. This maybe insane but many outdoor place cant give a permission to bring knife because they affraid we use it not usually.

I think thats all tools that i suggest you should bring when you go outdoor activity, and the last but not end stay safe and have fun.

Thats for today, See ya tomorrow .

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